Urbane Undead Productions is a company formed from a small gaggle of creative human youths operating out of the Washington, DC area and a smattering of other humans from elsewhere in the world. While Urbane Undead Productions supports the cause of the zombified aristocracy worldwide, its true purpose is to house the creative projects of its members.

The flagship project of Urbane Undead Productions is The Age of Corporations, an epic cyber-fantasy universe. The afterlife management role-playing game known as Powers-Thattby, Inc. can also be found here. Various other creative projects can be found here as well; anything that its members choose to produce Urbane Undead will display.

Please feel free to contact us at vasb@heonarhaqrnq.pbz if you have any questions about our company.

All email addresses on this website are encoded using ROT-13 to discourage email harvesters.